Intangible cultural heritage leads Tibetans to get rich柒零头条资讯

Lhatse Tibetan knife is famous for sharp blade, fine pattern, and complicated process. Now it has a history of over 1600 years. Since 2001,澳门美高梅娱乐, Pudawa, intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Lhatse Tibetan knife, has gradually lived a well-off life with this skill. At present, Pudawa makes Lhatse Tibetan knife together with his son. They can make more than 300 knifes every year and the sales value can reach over 300000 yuan. He also receives eight apprentices and the apprentices" annual income can be over 20000 yuan per person.

Pudawa is making Lhatse Tibetan knife. [China Tibet News/Losang]


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